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Friday, February 05, 2010

Missed it by that much 
Looks like I totally missed my 2009 two posts/year resolution.

But that was last year. And that is so, well, so last year.

This year is different. This year will bring promise, hope, and good times.
And apparently many clich├ęs.

Being sucked down into the bowels of work, and well, trying to have a life, posting silly pointless messages has suffered a terrible loss.

And as an unforeseen consequence, I have all but lost the ability to write prose. What happened to being able to write 4 pages without even getting past the introduction? I think I left that ability when I grabbed my diploma and ran off the stage.

The time has come though that I need to hone the skill. The time of getting to the point is past. The time of boiling things down to the essentials is no more. It's now time to see if I can say something, anything and actually convey thoughts, and not just facts.

Ah, maybe later.


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Stimulus Response is really about the environment, and how the environment reacts. This envrionment may be as broad as the universe, or as egocentric as a single individual's brain waves.


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