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Monday, September 17, 2007

Luggage Observation 
I've been doing a bit of travel lately.
All those things you may have heard about planes being delayed and cancelled, people being really ticked off, and abounding problems, are all true. All of them. Yep. All.
But I'm not bitter. Yeah, I'm the one who isn't.

That's not what brought me out of my hiding though. Geez, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. I was never consistent (and it's not about to happen now), but golly, over a year has gone by? It doesn't feel like it. And you'd think I'd be able to fabricate some elaborate reason as to why it's been so long, other than I've simply been too busy, but I can't. I've been busy.

So back on task. The proportion of kids (under 13) to adults is really low in the airports that I've been in. They apparantly just don't travel that much. But every last one that I've seen is holding, or usually pulling their luggage. And it's distinctive. From race cars to butterfly's, from penguins to bears, the shapes and designs reflect something personal about them. Something they can relate to at some stange level (even if it is the latest marketing blitz), something they can keep track of, something that at a glance they know is all theirs.

At what point does this stop being cute? Why shouldn't we all have personalized luggage? And I don't mean putting your initials on a black piece of luggage. Although in today's world, that would be quite a rebel.
I'd love to be in an airpot and see 'adult' sized luggage with fabric displaying all kinds of different prints. Business people with dinosaurs, dragons, flowers or pink pigs. What a different attitude we'd all have. I mean, who could be upset at a flight attendant who boards a plane with luggage that sports giant Dumbo ears?


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