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Friday, March 24, 2006

Absolutely No Point 
Don't you miss that?

You know. Things that are pointless. But actually meant to be pointless.

Turn on the TV, and you will be lectured to. Really. Pick a program. Chances are good that the program you choose will have someone in your demographic either doing something bad, and getting chastised for doing it, or will be the person doing the chastising. If your demographic is the former, don't worry, next week it'll be the latter.
It doesn't matter; Drama's, action, 'reality' series, sitcom's, they are all the same. They all must try to drill some sort of message into you.
My guess is that it's easier to develop material if you've got some social issue to focus on, as opposed to actually being original.

Talk to someone around you. It won't be long until the advice flies. And if it doesn't, eyes will glaze over, and that familiar look will surface: "Why do I care? How does this contribute to my busy schedule? If I start walking toward the door will they follow me?"

Well, I for one miss the days when there was a certain luxury of wonder. A time when there was less planning and solving, and more questioning and inspiration.

So what's the point of this entry?
There is none. Absolutely no point.
Ahhh. That feels better.


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Stimulus Response is really about the environment, and how the environment reacts. This envrionment may be as broad as the universe, or as egocentric as a single individual's brain waves.


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